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Customer Review Policy


Our customers have given us outstanding reviews!

So many positive reviews have been received that it's understandable to wonder if they are REAL! Below is our company policy for managing customer reviews.

We will never create false reviews but out of necessity we may have to edit or remove reviews due to reasons listed below.

Please note that all customers receive a request for product/service review 10 days after ordering one of our products or services.


What we WILL NOT remove or edit redcross.png

  • redcross.pngNegative reviews
  • redcross.pngPoor grammar or spelling
  • redcross.pngNon-English reviews

What we WILL remove or edit greencheck.png

  • greencheck.pngProfanity
  • greencheck.pngNot relevant to our company (Spam)
  • greencheck.pngAdvertising other companies

We also have reviews on several different third party websitesmouseicon.png


We have several
reviews with BBB.


We have several reviews with Yelp but due to the large geography of our customer base and primarily online transactions most of our reviews get filtered/hidden under the "reviews currently not recommended" tab.


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