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Q. Is it possible to copy a key fob?

Yes, it is possible to copy most key fobs currently used in the market today. Some key fobs are easy to copy while others take specialized equipment. When you copy a key fob the original key fob must stay activated for the copy to work. Some newer key fob formats use encryption making them more difficult to copy while a select few formats are still impossible.

Q. Is it legal to copy my key?

What a surprise! Our legal counsel says we cannot answer this question but here is what we can say.

We have been in business since 2013 and have duplicated thousands of keys without any legal issues reported by our customers. Most states don’t differentiate between duplicating physical keys and electronic keys. It’s much the same as your local hardware store offering physical key copying services; you are simply duplicating an access key of which you are the owner or legal user.

CloneMyKey.com LLC does recommend reviewing any lease agreements that you have signed as duplicating keys is sometimes prohibited.

Q. There are numbers on the back of my key, can you use those to make me a duplicate?

It's possible for us to use the serial number printed on your key but only for select formats. Most keys only display part of the required key data on the outside of the key. We have exclusive access to a database that contains the missing data for most locations around the United States and even many in Canada.

We do require that you provide proof of residency before completing your order. The application to do this is provided below. Once we have received your application we will evaluate it to ensure your keys serial number contain enough information to make a working duplicate. This evaluation takes up to 1 business day.

Click here to start application 

Q. How do I know if I have an RFID, magnetic or iButton key?

RFID based keys are commonly manufactured in key fob and key card form factors. If you have a key fob, it is almost certain that it uses RFID technology, which we likely can duplicate. In order to use an RFID based key, you simply place it in close proximity or tap it against a reader.

Our RFID based key cloning services can be found here.

Magnetic keys only come in the key card form factor. These keys use the same technology as common credit cards and must be swiped through a device that reads the black stripe on the back of the card.

Our Magnetic key cloning service can be found here.

iButton keys have a metal base which looks similar to a watch battery. In order to use the iButton you must touch the metal portion to the reader.

Our iButton key cloning service can be found here.

Q. I live in Madison, Wisconsin. Can I drop my key off at your facility?

Yes, our office is located at 131 W. Wilson St. Suite 803 Madison, WI 53703. Please see the link for additional information.

Please see our Drop off & On-Site information.

We also offer on-site cloning, which is available at checkout as a shipping option. After checkout, we will contact you within 24 hours to schedule a time convenient for you to meet and clone your key.

Q. Is your address a private mailbox? Do you have a real office?

Yes! Our office and processing center is located at 131 W. Wilson St. Suite 803 Madison WI 53703. Please note that Paypal is only accepted online but we accept all major credit cards at our office.

If you'd like additional verification simply search our address in Google.

Q. Can you copy car key fobs?

Most newer model automotive key fobs cannot be copied. We recommend contacting a local automotive accessory installer to discuss your options. Oftentimes local businesses that install car stereos, car alarms, and remote starts have options available.

Q. I’m worried about my landlord seeing my order get sent back to me. What does the outside of your packages look like?

We do not have any advertisements on the outside of our packages and abbreviate our company name on the return address.

Q. What happens if you cannot clone my key?

If it turns out we cannot clone your key we will simply return your original and refund your order. Any upgraded shipping selection will still be used to return your key which will be deducted from the refund. We always recommend checking our compatibility list before using our service.

Our compatibility list can be found here.

Q. Will you know if the clone will work before shipping it back to me?

While there are several rare formats that we cannot fully test before shipping back, all of the popular formats we test before leaving our facility using a configured reader very similar to what is used with the original key.

Q. Can you copy two key fobs into one?

Unfortunately due to how RFID access control technology works it is impossible to copy two key fobs into one. If you are currently struggling with a heavy key chain we do offer ultra lightweight key fobs that could help reduce your overall weight.

Q. Can you clone parking garage passes?

Yes, we often can clone parking passes if the format is listed on our compatibility page. Please be aware that many parking system us a feature called anti-passback which tracks if the vehicle is inside the garage or not. If this feature is enabled then any copied passes will still only allow one vehicle in at once. If you are required to scan your parking pass to exit the garage there is a high likelihood that the anti-passback feature is being used.

Please note, we can only duplicate parking passes that are listed on our compatibility page. Many parking passes use technology we cannot copy. If your parking pass works at distances greater than 12 inches there is a high likelihood we cannot copy it.

Q. How long does it take to clone my key?

Rush processing orders take priority and are guaranteed to ship the same day. Standard processing orders are also still likely to ship the same day but could be held overnight if we receive an unexpected amount of volume. Please note that all orders must be received before noon to start same day processing and we are closed on the weekends.

See our processing diagram here

Review our shipping options which include rush service and international shipping. Total turnaround time for USA based rush processing orders is 2 business days if customer uses overnight shipping to send key to our facility.*

*Overnight shipping to areas considered rural by USPS may take an additional day.

Q. What happens if you destroy my key while processing it?

While our equipment is specifically designed to prevent this, we offer up to $265 coverage per original key for replacement.

Q. How will I know when you receive my key?

Once your key arrives at our facility you will be automatically notified by e-mail. You will be notified again once the duplication process is complete and also be provided tracking information when your order ships.

Q. Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship to most countries. Please review our shipping information.

Q. Is bulk purchasing offered?

Yes. Prices are automatically adjusted in shopping cart based on quantity. View our pricing page.

If you need to place an order for more than 50 units, please contact sales.

Q. I found a Chinese company offering a product that can copy RFID keys for $12. Why would I use CloneMyKey.com LLC?

It's true, there is a device being offered by Chinese websites that is capable of cloning one specific key type. This key type was widely used in the 90s but is rarely used today. 

Q. Will security know I'm using a clone?

A. Only if you show them the cloned key which will differ in appearance from the original key you were issued. However, to the access control system it appears identical to the original.

Q. If my original key is deactivated will my clone still work?

No. A cloned key carries an exact copy of the data on the original key. If your original key is deactivated, both keys will stop working.

Q. Can CloneMyKey.com LLC clone every type of key?

No. Because of encryption and other variables there are some keys that we cannot clone. We will fully refund your purchase for any key we are unable to clone.

Q. What shipping options do you have for Canadian customers?

Please click here for our Canadian shipping prices. We are also offering special key fob copying promotions for our Vancouver residents here.

Q. How can I protect my apartment, condo or HOA against past tenants using cloned keys?

It’s not as hard as many may think to protect against cloned keys. Please see our blog article about how to properly manage proximity key fob access control systems and guard against previous tenants and cloned keys.

Smart Access Control Polices for residential & commercial buildings

Q. Do you provide consulting services for property managers using key fob access control?

While it’s not our main service we have provided both onsite and pre-implementation consultation for several customers. Please contact us for more information and also see our blog article regarding smart access control polices.

Q. We just purchased an apartment building and were only given several key fobs, can you make additional keys for us?

Simple answer is yes but you may first want to consider another option. All of our clones work off of one original key, which if disabled will also deactivate all clones. This will limit your systems ability to act similar to a traditional metal-key based system and not allow you to take full advantage of the features associated with proximity access control.

For this reason, we first suggest you attempt to reset the access control system to give you the ability to authorize new keys. Having the ability to authorize new keys will give you full access to the features associated with access control and also likely be the most cost effective long-term.

If your system is not able to be reset and remains locked-out, please contact us to find out what alternatives we may be able to offer.

Q. I own a retail store and would like to host your key fob cloning services, is this possible?

Yes! Please contact us for more information.

Q. Do you clone credit cards?

No, we do not clone credit cards or keys used for the purposes noted below. We reserve the right to refuse any order we feel violates these guidelines:

           Credit Cards

           Government/Military Identification

           State Issued Identification

           Student Identification Cards

           Keys that appear to be linked to financial accounts of any kind


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