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How To Copy A Key Fob

How To Copy Your Key Fob Using The Serial Number

HID Key Fob Copying Service

  1. Snap a photo of your key and complete the online application

  2. Receive approved application

  3. Checkout online

  4. Receive copies of your key fob in the mail

Please note that not all key fobs will qualify for copying based off the serial number. Key cards may also apply but are less likely to contain a full serial number.

The application below will help determine if your key qualifies. If your key fob does not qualify to be copied by serial number or does not display a printed serial number we do offer a mail-in service that supports most key fobs used in the market today. Our mail-in service provides the fastest processing time available.

Key Formats Compatible With Serial Number Service

Once application is complete we will analyse your serial number to ensure it is compatible

Start Your Application   

    • Hid proximity key fobHID Proximity
    • AWID Key Fob duplicationAWID 26-Bit
    • Keri key fob duplicationKeri Series
    • Hid proximity key fob duplicationHID Proximity
    • Radiokey by securakey duplicationRadio Key
    • IOprox key fob by Kantech duplicationIOProx
    • Datawatch key fob duplicationDatawatch Systems
    • Schlage Ibutton cloningiButton w/Proximity
    • Rosslare key copyRosslare
    • Rosslare key duplicationRosslare
    • Trans-H prox remote 4 buttonTrans H Prox
    • Monarch Remote with proximity chipMonarch w/Proximity
    • Linear Trans H Proximity RemoteLinear w/Proximity
    • ICT Key fob cloning 95%Remote w/Proximity
    • Farpointe Data key fob plus remote - 99% cloning success rateIOprox Remote
    • DKS remote key fob with prox chip - 97% copying success rateDKS w/Proximity
    • DKS remote with prox key fob - 97% cloning success rateDKS w/Proximity
    • Amano key fob - 100% cloning successAmano
    • DKprox key fob - 100% copying successDKprox
    • Paradox Key Fob Copying - 100% success rateParadox

Key Not Displayed?

If you don't see your key above but your key has a printed serial number please complete application as there are many generic type keys on the market we often can still duplicate by serial number. Key cards with serial numbers may also apply.

Start Your Application 

No Serial Number?

If your key does not have a visible serial number printed on it please use our mail-in services.

Mail-In Key Formats

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