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4. Send Us Your Key

After checkout you will receive instructions detailing the steps to send your key fob or card to our facility.

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5. Receive Both Keys Back

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Our reviews

Excellent clone of a tricky key 5stars.png

Posted by A happy customer on 16th Jan 2018

“ I had a very finicky key fob other services indicated they were unable to clone, but these guys did it well. Very importantly, as they were able to clone it as a card I now no longer need to carry around a separate keychain fob- I can now simply hold my entire wallet up to the reader to open doors and use the elevator- there's no need to remove the card in order to use it. The value of having one last thing and not needing to fish for a fob a half dozen times a day is very nice. ”

Excellent clone of a tricky key 5stars.png

Posted by Heather W. on 10th Apr 2017

“ I found Clone My Key doing a Google search seeking a trusted company who could reliably copy our encrypted office (HID Poly) key cards, onto key fobs. I decided to contact two companies, and after reading the reviews on YELP! decided to go with Clone My Key. It's been a great experience! I emailed them asking a ton of questions, and sent them a photo of our HID cards to ensure they could help. They promptly replied with confidence and answered all of my questions. The next day, I mailed them my card and about 4 days later had all of my key fobs as requested. I went with black, without logos. These are GREAT! Every single one works like a charm. The range seems as good, if not better than our cards', and they are SO MUCH better than the chunky and enormous cards we were issued for our office building. I highly recommend Clone My Keys, and plan to recommend them to all of our office tenants! ”

Didn't know this was possible. 5stars.png

Posted by Pier W. on 11th Jan 2017

“ I made the mistake of trying to use one of CloneMyKey's competitors first. I ended up giving up my fob for a week and upon return with my keys, none of them worked. I followed up with them and was told that I likely had a "dual chip" fob that could not be replicated. I then contacted CloneMyKey and described my fob key and they indicated that they believed it wouldn't be a problem to replicate. I overnighted my fob to them and the next day, received two follow up e-mails indicating that it had copied properly and described the extra steps they went through to verify that it worked as it should have. The next day, I had my original fob and all of my copies and they worked perfectly!! I could not be happier with the process, price and communication throughout that CloneMyKey provided. Go here first!! ”

Didn't know this was possible. 5stars.png

Posted by A happy customer on 10th Sept 2017

“ I rarely write reviews but the customer service and CMK products deserve to be praised. The entire process was very simple. I was one of the lucky ones who had a key duplicated without needing to send it in. Took a photo, submitted my info, and 3 days later I had a duplicate fob. Everything works great. I highly recommend them to anyone. ”

Excellent clone of a tricky key 5stars.png

Posted by Benjamin W. on 22nd Jul 2016

“ I am very impressed with the turn around time and professionalism from CloneMyKey. At every juncture, I was informed by their automated email from when the key has been recieved, to the processing stage, and ultimately to the end state and out for shipment. I must say, I ordered a pair of the plastic keyfobs with a bit of hesitation when I saw reviews about the thin plastic piece; however, I would say the small as well as thin form factor is attractive and durable. To the other posts regarding low quality piece of plastic, I find that very un-true and I say that with a degree in engineering with exposure to materials. This keycut definitely looks like it has been through many iterations with thought around the keyhole for long term durability. ”

Excellent clone of a tricky key 5stars.png

Posted by Guang H. on 10th Feb 2017

“ Amazing service. Had a key fob and a key card I wanted to get copied. I sent in the pictures and got a reply the next morning. Sent in the key card and asked to get copied into a keychain. My usps delivery showed that the company received and shipped out the copy within a few hours. Amazing turn around time. Recommend! ”

Fantastic product & Customer Service!!5star

Posted by Jacquelyn K on 29th Sep 2013

“ I am so impressed with this company: I had been looking to copy my fobs since I often have guests and my landlord wanted to charge me $200 a pop. The website is extremely user friendly and best of all, Bryan in Customer Service provided exemplary service - the USPS bungled my express mail and delivered my package a day late to Wisconsin. The folks at Clonemykey processed my order IMMEDIATELY and sent it out the same day! I got my package the next day, Saturday, and I could not be more pleased. Don't hesitate for a second: these guys deliver a fabulous product at a wonderful price and the customer service is the best! ”


Posted by HB on 29th Jul 2013

“ My landlord would only issue 1 key FOB for my fiancé and I (used for entrance to the building), so when I found this website, I jumped on it! I used one of the expedited services - I shipped on Sat, CloneMyKey received on Mon and processed it immediately, and shipped right back to me for arrival on Tues. I was extremely pleased with the services provided and the upfront communication. I would highly recommend CloneMyKey to anyone and would use the services again in the future if needed. You saved me a lot of headache and hassle with my apartment building management company! ”

Thanks for saving me time and money 5star

Posted by NB on 29th Jul 2013

“ When you buy a house that has changed owners a few times, the security gate details can get lost. The company that installed it can go out of business. The subsequent owners can be clueless about who did what. So, pay a couple of thousand bucks to start all over with a new system - or, copy the existing fobs. Thanks for saving time, money and frustration. You guys rock. ”

Extremely Quick & Professional Service. 5star

Posted by Unknown on 14th Jul 2013

“ CloneMyKey's customer service was always in touch until I received my cloned key. They were extremely quick in delivering too. I would definitely use their service again.

PS: Thank you Bryan ”

Great service! 5star

Posted by Marty on 31st May 2013

“ I used CloneMyKey to duplicate a key to access our pool. Now my wife and I don't have to share one key, but rather have two that work perfectly. Customer service was great and product works exactly has promised. Highly recommend them! ”

Excellent Service 5star

Posted by Unknown on 9th Jul 2013

I had CloneMyKey duplicate my HID fob by the expedited service option. The service was fantastic and I received the working key fobs back within one day after sending them to the company. Don't hesitate. I highly recommend CMK for anyone who needs this type of service!

A model for other companies to follow! 5star

Posted by Unknown on 29th Oct 2015

Before sending my key in I called CMK because I had some questions about the service and wanted to make sure my key fob was compatible. I knew right away when I heard the automated voice on the phone say “at any time press zero for a real person” that I was dealing with a great company. I got all my questions answered and they even told me the total turnaround time for shipping from Vancouver Canada.

Works better than expected 5star

Posted by Unknown on 10th Oct 2015

I ordered the key fob, the promotional wristband and both authenticate faster than my original Keri fob. The fob is as thin as and almost as long as a normal house key, which fits better on my key ring, than my Keri fob. I sent my Keri fob into their facility using USPS 2 day priority on a Tuesday morning, I received it the following Monday in the afternoon, using standard service and free shipping. They shipped it back to my apartment in a regular looking padded envelope, with CMK-LLC as the return address header. I am very happy with the service and products they provide. Thank you CloneMyKey!

Fast turnaround and works perfect 5star

Posted by chris on 1st Oct 2015

Apartment building would only issue one fob. Found this site and decided to give it a try. really fast service and works awesome

Perfect. Just Perfect. 5star

Posted by Mike E. on 30th Sept 2015

I was having the same problems as described by other users as my building only issues one per apartment and a quick google search led me to clonemykey.com. I didn't think it would be this easy, but dear god, it was! Sent it for rush overnight and viola, there it was! I went from one to four key fobs, now having extras for guests and whatnot. Communication is great too as I had a few questions. Fast, reliable, and just fantastically nice people.

Keep up the great work!!

I've been looking for this for yeaaarrsssss 5star

Posted by Galen Loram on 23rd Sept 2015

So my apartment building will only give me 2 rfid key fobs, which, seeing as how I have a roommate, a girlfriend, and frequent guests, has been a real nightmare. but, at long last, I found a solution. I was honestly just overcome with happiness when the new ones came. No more waking up at 1am to buzz guests in!!!

Super easy service 5star

Posted by Unknown on 22nd Sept 2015

This was very easy! I sent them my fob, and got it back with the copy. No fuss, both still work perfectly, and it took only a few days. I'll be ordering another from here if I need a get a new key fob or want a duplicate of this one again.

Exactly What I Wanted! 5star

Posted by Matt K. on 9th Aug 2015

I just bought a new condo in a large downtown building. They issued me a prox card to get in the front door and control the elevator at night. I already have a prox card for my office and parking garage, so the last thing I wanted was another card to carry in my wallet. I asked the building management if I could get a key fob and hey said the cards was all they could offer. I didn’t think I had any other options until I found CloneMyKey.com. I was able to ship them one of my prox cards and they made me two key fobs that I can carry on my key chain. They work great plus the standard shipping was really fast! Whenever anyone in the building sees my fob and gets jealous, I tell them exactly where to go!

Seamless, Reliable, Ridiculously FAST! 5star

Posted by Deborah on 21st Jul 2015

Sent my keyfob out on a Monday via Overnight Shipping. Got an email saying that CloneMyKey had received my package on Tuesday. Got an email just a few hours later saying that my key had been copied and both keys were on their way back to me. Got my original and my clone Wednesday morning. It TOTALLY WORKED!!!

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