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About CloneMyKey.com

CloneMyKey.com, LLC® was started March, 2013 in a college apartment at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.  The founder, a computer science student who didn’t like the idea of paying an outrageous fee for a second key fob successfully developed his first method for duplicating RFID based proximity keys. The discovery quickly grew into the first online company to offer RFID key duplication services and has rapidly expanded to serve customers in over 35 countries.

CloneMyKey® currently resides a block from the state capitol on the 8th floor of 131. W Wilson st. in Madison Wisconsin. We hold 2 permanent processing stations with the ability to scale to 5 stations when needed. This ability gives us the fastest possible turnaround time with most orders leaving our facility the same day that they are received.

CloneMyKey’s® mission is to provide excellent customer service and an alternative, cost-effective option for RFID key duplication. We pride ourselves on being a small, home-grown business that works individually with customers to ensure their 100% satisfaction.

CloneMyKey® was accredited by the Wisconsin Better Business Bureau in March, 2014.

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CloneMyKey® and company logo are registered trademarks of CloneMyKey.com LLC®. Use of these trademarks without express written consent is prohibited. CloneMyKey.com LLC® holds limited liability status in the state of Wisconsin. Presently it is closely held and privately financed. As such, its financial statements and business plans are not publicly available.  

*Cost of original key replacement is covered up to $265 per original. Coverage is not included for keys lost or destroyed while being shipped to our office. Coverage is included for all shipments being shipped from our office.

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